CROWN PREMIUM EVENTS organises LA NUIT DES ETOILE through its premium event and corporate communication consultancy company based in Belgium and Portugal. CROWN is represented by senior experienced and highly skilled professionals specialised in communication, planning and opinion leading supported by a sharp understanding of audience’s expectation, interest and need.

CROWN covers countries in the EU, Middle East and Eastern Europe with senior knowledge and expertise in background such as Defence industry, private banking, five stars hotels, leisure brands and luxury goods industry.

CROWN creates once-a-lifetime experience facilitating connection between people and brands. The pluri-disciplinary experts part of the event team are passionate, creative and innovative professionals with different experiences and selected from various background. This diversity is the engine for our inspiration and creativity within Crown’s team, allowing us to crossbreed cultures, innovative ideas and industries.

For enquiries about La Nuit des Etoiles, please contact :
Damien Van Bellinghen (for French speaking Guests) | Tel +32 494 300 886 |
Nathalie Collin (for English & French speaking Guests) | Tel +32 470 046 543 |

For enquiries & publications about La Nuit des Etoiles Magazine, please contact :
Count Thomas de Brouchoven de Bergeyck, editor in chief |
            LNDEM Magazine 2018

LNDEM Magazine 2019

           LNDEM Magazine 2019