Mr. Didier Drogba


" Score or die: when human trafficking infiltrates the football world "


The aim of the 2020 edition is to raise the awareness of government elites, decision-makers and opinion leaders about the issue of human trafficking's infiltration in the football world.
One of the Ambassadors of this third edition is the famous ivorian striker, Mr. Didier Drogba.
He will also be the guest speaker of the Star's Conference during this weekend of festivities.

The 2020 edition of La Nuit des Etoiles will be held under the High Patronage and in Presence of Mr. Didier Drogba. The benefits will be donated to the Samilia Foundation, a Belgian association dedicated to fight all aspects of human trafficking. This year the event raised € 50,000.

In addition to the aforementioned presence of Prince Charles-Philippe d'Orléans and event host Damien Van Bellinghen, our events have been attended by prominent figures of European royalty, such as Princess Marie Gabrielle de Savoie, Crown Prince and Crown Princess Leka of Albania, Grand-Duke Georges of Russia, Princess Léa of Belgium. There was also the presence of national and international personalities such as Prince Stéphane Belosselsky Belozersky, Cyrille Boulay, Yves Duteil,…

LUXURY JEWELLERY Collection, presentation :

During the weekend, Crown Premium Events has organised for his partner MORPHEE JEWELRY a presentation of their luxury jewelery collection.

Please find more information about Morphée Joaillerie by clicking here.