Since the 2018 edition of La Nuit des Etoiles, Crown Premium Event is collaborating with the “Grandes Conferences Catholiques” which since 1931 invites as speakers important personalities such as  politicians, economists, royals, religious leaders who have influenced our era.
“All currents of opinion have access to this grandstand. Along the years, we could listen speeches dedicated to religious and philosophical topics, the evolution of sciences, economy, arts and literature or even political currents. So many men and women who have make their stand in our time, in their own ways and in their own specialty of expertise.
The tribune of the Grandes Conferences Catholiques impassions an open mind, curiosity and freedom of speech. In the era of mondialisation, it allows to feed a public eager to acquire knowledge and understanding, in a framework that respect different opinions.
Source : Les Grandes Conférences Catholiques - Belgique
2020 Edition.

Guest of honnour : Mr. Didier Drogba
Title : " Score or die: when human trafficking infiltrates the football’s world."
Place : Amigo Hotel - Brussels - Belgium.
Speakers : Charles-Eric Clesse & Frédéric Loore
In some African countries , it is easier to succeed in life by becoming a professional football player than to pursue studies. This is why thousands of youths are giving up their education and are training themselves hoping to become the next Drogba. In order to reach the Eldorado, these young men and their families are taking immense risks including paying large sums of money to agents to bring them in Europe.

2019 Edition.
Guest of honnour : Mr. Yves Duteil, French author, composer, performer and writer.
Title : " What if the key was elsewhere? "
Place : Library "U.O.P.C." in Brussels - Belgium.
Speakers : Yves Duteil & Alexandre Bodart Pinto

«After many months of absence, due to health issues, the famous singer songwriter and performer of Taking a Child by the Hand and The Language of Home returns to the centre stage and writing with the release of his new album «Respect» and his latest book «What if the key was elsewhere?» 

This ordeal, like that of Alexandre Bodart Pinto, will make him look at life differently and appreciate life. Now cured, the artist explains in the pages of the Parisian that «I’m reborn, I’m even better than before.»

It is therefore natural that he agreed to be one of the ambassadors of the Wheeling Around the World association and to support Alexandre in his projects and those of his association.

Yves Duteil will come to talk to us, to talk us through his album and his book and about the way he lives his life after going through this difficult experience.

His writing desk offers pages of a precious testimony, both a story of life and a journey of self-discovery. The artist trusts himself like never before.

His words evoke his life, his career and his fine profession as a craftsman of songs. They talk about his outlook on existence and its mysteries. His words are murmurs of his quest for meaning, his paths of spirituality and his questions: «Spirituality guides my life. It adds a new dimension that is missing on paper. And when I land again after making my escape, my heart has quenched its thirst for heaven and its desire to fly, I feel richer within, greater than this ride. This secret world, invisible in the blinding sunlight, needs darkness and silence to converse, far from the daily grind.

I would like to share this trip, because it focuses on all that we have as most precious, most fragile and reliable at the same time, this elusive part of the immaterial which accumulates our legacies and crosses through time through essential memories. Eternity does not care about the present. But we are perhaps the numerous characters it needs to write its journey and embody this continuity. Whatever our religions, our beliefs or our cultures, we carry this mystery like a spark... It is a word of love, the seed of a fruit, an invisible pollen that fertilizes the earth and waits for the right season to sprout, grow and prosper. It’s a thought in a garden, an oasis perhaps? A hope.»

2018 Edition.
Guest of honnour : HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco
Title : Air, land and sea : the vital stakes of this century.
Place : salle « Henry Le Bœuf » - Palais des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles. Belgique.
Speakers : HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco
                  Jean-Pascal van Ypersele 
                  Olivier De Schutter 

The commitment of HRH Prince Albert II of Monaco for the protection of environment and sustainable development is profound and has been his long time interest. His commitment reflects the aim of the foundation he has created. For the last conference of this season, the Sovereign Prince of Monaco has accepted to share with us his personal Investment supporting the aims of his foundation: the acknowledgement of a communal global environmental deficit which requires immediate and concrete actions in response to three major environmental stakes: climate change, biodiversity and water.

On this occasion, the Prince of Monaco will speak jointly with Professor Jean-Pascal Van Ypersele from UCL, and Professor Olivier De Schutter.
Professor Jean Pascal Van Ypersele is a member of the Royal academy of Belgium and formar GIEC vice President when this institution has received the Peace Nobel prize. Professor Olivier De Schutter from UCL is a member of the UN committee for economic, social and cultural rights, and a former UN special expert for food rights.

For this three speakers conference, The Prince of Monaco has chosen the title: “Air, Land and sea: the vital stakes of this century”.
This title underlines how much the Prince of Monaco is dedicating himself for the protection of the oceans, Jean-Pascal van Ypersele is campaigning for climate change and Olivier De Schutter is in favour of sustainable agriculture and food reforms.


Source : Les Grandes Conférences Catholiques - Belgique